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Journal of superhard materials

Department of diamond-abrasive precision machining and physicotechnical machining and superhard figurine tool

Lavrinenko Valery Ivanovich


Head of the Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor


phone: +38(044)432-95-15

fax: +38(044)379-11-05

e - mail:


History of the department

The Department was established in accordance with the Resolution of the BFTMU Bureau of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine of July 4, 2006 (Minutes ¹ 11).


Scientific and technical direction

Development and research of effective technological methods of precision grinding and diamond-abrasive processing of tool and composite materials, including a combination of directed mechanical and physicochemical action, study of contact interaction of grinding tools made of superhard materials (NTM) with processed materials, development of scientific bases creation of complex profile tools with NTM and grinding technologies with such a tool.

Employees of the department

 Lavrinenko Valery Ivanovich  Head of the Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. 432-95-15
Scriabin Valery Alekseevich Deputy head department 467-58-54 
 Sheiko Maxim Nikolaevich  Prov. Science. employee, Ph.D. 432-95-15
 Pasichny Oleh Olehovych  Senior. Science. employee, Ph.D. 432-95-15
Scriabin Victor Valerievich   Science. employee, Ph.D. 432-95-15 
 Sitnik Boris Vasilyevich Senior Engineer  467-58-54 
 Maksymenko Anatoliy Petrovich Senior Engineer  432-95-15 
 Bologov Pavlo Ivanovych Senior Engineer  432-95-15
German Victor Mikhailovich   Engineer 1-cat. 432-95-15
Grigorova Larisa Sergeevna   Engineer 1-cat. 432-95-15
Mishin Valery Ivanovich   Highly qualified grinder 432-95-15



Ruler bars with programmable (set) distribution of diamond layer parameters on the working surface, and for an asymmetric bar variables (abrasive grain size and specific grain size) are not limited, which is used to obtain a tool with high properties..


Precision (profile accuracy 2-5 μm) diamond guide tool:




2 3 4


 6  7 8  9 5

Developments have passed production tests and implementation at SE ZVorya - Mashproekt (Nikolaev), OJSC Mashzavod (Bar), OJSC Azovmash (Mariupol). Moldovan Metallurgical Plant (Rybnik, Moldova), OJSC "Kazan Engine Building Software", OJSC "Special Design Bureau of Turbochargers" (Penza, Russia), etc.



  • Zorya-Mashproekt State Enterprise (Mykolaiv, Ukraine);
  • Yuzhstankomash LLC (Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine);
  • OJSC BELAZ (Zhodino, Republic of Belarus);
  • OJSC "Baranovichi Machine Tool Plant" (Baranovichi, Republic of Belarus);
  • MM "Asenovgrad", (Asenovgrad, Republic of Bulgaria);
  • Harbin Institute of Technology Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd., (Harbin, People"s Republic of China).


Research topics

  • III-1-20 (0342) Scientific bases of creation of a working layer of the ruling tool with use of CVD diamonds for technologies of abrasive formation of surfaces of rotation of products on CNC machines.

  • III-4-19 (0777) Development of evaluation criteria for the selection of synthetic diamonds brands AC80-AC300 for physico-chemical-mechanical properties and morphometric characteristics for effective use in precision steering tools.

  • III-8-21 Investigation of regularities of formation of combined multicomponent thermostable wear-resistant coatings on the grain surface of abrasive grinding powders.


Technological proposals


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V.Bakul Institute for Superhard materials NASU UKRAINE, 2, Avtozavodskaya Str., Kiev, 04074 Tel/fax (+38 044) 468-86-32; 468-86-25 Å-mail: