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Journal of superhard materials

Department 6. Physico-chemistry and technology of composite abrasive materials. Development and application of tools based on these materials

PASHCHENKO Eugene Alexandrovich

Head of the department, doctor of technical sciences, professor

Phone: +38 (067) 501-92-53


BYCHYKHIN Vyacheslav Mykolayovych

Deputy Head of Department

Phone+38 (050) 351-36-13


(044) 430-76-94

Fax: (044) 430-76-94

e-mail: /


About the department

In 1960, a research laboratory of diamond-abrasive tool production technology was established at INM, which was transformed in 1978 into the Department of Physical Chemistry of Diamond-Containing Composite Materials (today the Department of Structural Tool Composites Technology). Research efforts of the department are focused on developing theoretical foundations and technologies for adaptive composite materials capable of rapid reversal of structure and properties, studying the mechanisms of processes in excited states of matter at high energy density, development of composites for extreme operating conditions.


Scientific directions and tasks

Development of abrasive composites, as well as materials and coatings for general purposes from diamond powders and cubic boron nitride, various ultrafine fillers and binders of different physicochemical nature, study and engineering of the structure and functional behavior of composite materials.


Our developments

Currently, the department has at its disposal and offers potential partners a large baggage of developments in current areas of modern materials science, instrumental and functional composite materials of various physical and chemical nature, structure and purpose. Among the ready-to-use technological developments of the department are instrumental and antifriction-filled systems and coatings on polymer binders; high-strength, heat-resistant fibrous composites; semiconductor polymers with a promising set of magnetic, optical and electrophysical properties. The department regularly supplies partners with precision profile diamond grinding tools for processing heat-resistant iron-nickel and titanium alloys on CNC machines. Various diamond-polymer and diamond-metal composites, ceramic composites for grinding and super-finishing tools, galvanic abrasive and protective coatings.

Research is being conducted in the field of optical materials science and physicochemical interaction of polishing dispersed systems with the optical surface. Theoretical bases are created and the quantitative approach with the confirmed prognostic possibilities to formation of optical surfaces of glasses, single and polycrystals of nonmetallic materials at the level of a nanorelief (doctor of technical sciences, prof. Yu.D. Filatov) is developed.

The set of high-precision diamond tools created is the only one in Ukraine that is able to work with high efficiency on modern CNC grinding machining centers. This provides machine-building enterprises with significant cost savings by replacing high-value imports and reinforces the strategic independence of aviation engine companies in critical purchases from foreign suppliers. Examples of industrial enterprises to which developed diamond tools are regularly supplied are Ivchenko-Progress and PJSC Motor-Sich. Developed precision control and grinding tools and new technological principles of their manufacture ensure the competitiveness of INM NAS of Ukraine with the best foreign manufacturers in the most complex, prestigious and strategically important field of tool production.


Researchers of the department 

Full Name

Position, academic degree, title


Pashchenko Eugene Alexandrovich

Head of the Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof.

Bychikhin Vyacheslav Mykolayovych

Deputy Head of Department

Filatov Yuriy Danilovich 

Prov. Science. employee, Ph.D., professor.

Oksana Mykolayivna Kaidash

Prov. Science. employee, Ph.D. s.n.s.

Sidorko Volodymyr Ihorovych

Senior Sciences. employee, doctor of technical sciences, associate professor

Savchenko Denis Alexandrovich

Senior Sciences. employee, Ph.D.

Kukharenko Svetlana Anatoliyivna

Senior Sciences. employee, Ph.D., Ph.D.

Ryabchenko Sergey Vasilyevich

Senior Sciences. employee, Ph.D.

Leschuk Irina Venediktovna

Senior Sciences. employee, Ph.D., Ph.D.

Shatokh Vladimir Vladimirovich

Senior Sciences. employee, Ph.D.

Lazhevska Olga Viktorivna

Senior Sciences. employee, Ph.D.

Kovalev Sergey Viktorovich

Researcher, Ph.D.


Chernenko Andrey Nikolaevich

Junior Sciences. employee

Rat Anatoliyivna Rat

Junior Sciences. employee

Korostyshevsky Dmitry Leonidovich

Junior Sciences. employee


Koshkin Alexander Mikhailovich

Group leader


Fedorenko Victor Timofeevich

Senior Engineer


Silchenko Yaroslav Leonidovich

Senior Engineer


Dovhan Anastasia Grigoryevna

Senior Engineer




















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Department 6. Physico-chemistry and technology of composite abrasive materials. Development and application of tools based on these materials
Laboratory 6/17: Technologies of precision processing of non-metallic materials

V.Bakul Institute for Superhard materials NASU UKRAINE, 2, Avtozavodskaya Str., Kiev, 04074 Tel/fax (+38 044) 468-86-32; 468-86-25 -mail: