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Journal of superhard materials

Department №9. Computer Material Science of the Structured Superhard materials for Drilling and Mining Tools

МАЙСТРЕНКО Анатолій Львович


MAYSTRENKO Anatoliy Lvovich

head of department, member -corr. NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology

phone:(044) 432-95-44



Scientific directions

  • Carrying out of researches on fundamental and applied problems of processes of sintering of metal and ceramic powder mixes, composite diamond-containing and ceramic materials, computer modeling of processes of their consolidation;
  • development of structurally sensitive models for predicting thermoelastic behavior of structurally inhomogeneous (including superhard composite) materials;
  • study of physical and mechanical properties of composite diamond-containing materials;
  • development of new technologies for sintering diamond-containing composites (electric sintering under pressure, sintering in high-pressure apparatuses, sintering by explosion);
  • development of designs of new rock-destroying tools (diamond rope saw, discrete grinders with replaceable elements and diamond crowns with internal cooling) and technology for forming diamond-carbide granules;
  • development of tool designs and technologies of welding, surfacing and modification of the structure of metals and alloys by friction with mixing (ZTP);
  • development of a means of electric sintering of ceramics under high pressure, which is used for the manufacture of elements of ceramic bearings;
  • development of a model of destruction of armor ceramic barriers in dynamic interaction with metal rods, based on which all ceramic materials are ranked in terms of efficiency of their use in armor, as well as development of new designs of multilayer and adaptive ceramic armor blocks.


Department structure

According to the staffing schedule, the department has 20 employees, including 3 Ph.D., 1 Ph.D. and 5 Ph.D.


Laboratory 9/2 - Drilling and rock-destroying tools

- Ph.D. Bondarenko NO – to consist  2 Ph.D.  і  1 Ph.D.



The department cooperates with domestic and foreign scientific and industrial centers.




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