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Journal of superhard materials

Equipment department 14

Department 14

  • A complex of installations for diamond synthesis, sintering of diamond nanopowders and composites on their base. It includes: AU press of up to 10 MN, which provides operation of high-pressure apparatuses, and modernized vacuum furnace for degassing of nanopowders by creating vacuum to 10-2 Pa and a temperature up to 800 °C;
  • A stand for the deposition of metal films by magnetron sputtering (based on vacuum device VUP-5M);
  • A stand based on the Agilent 4339B (USA), V749 (France) electrometers and nanovoltmeter NV 724 (France) for measuring electrical conductivity and dielectric permittivity of diamond and cubic boron nitride powders as well as polycrystals and composites based on them in a wide range of temperatures and voltages;
  • A complex of instruments and installations to determine thermal conductivity coefficients of materials in the 300K-800K temperature range and specific heat capacity of materials in the 300K-1000K temperature range;
  • An installation for researches of physicochemical processes in SHM when changing temperature mode on the basis of a derivatograph (Setaram, France);
  • A complex of X-ray diffractometers DRON-3M, DRON-4; DRON-2.

Laboratory 14/1

  • A vacuum complex to study capillary phenomena, wetting, and adhesion;
  • A complex of installations to study physicochemical properties of SHM powders (specific surface, density, ζ-potential);
  • An Installation for thermochemical studies of SHM powders;
  • A complex of devices for diagnostics and analytical research of morphometric characteristics of SHM powders;
  • A stand for research of abrasive properties of SHM powders and pastes;
  • A research region to produce nanomaterials in liquid mediums of different natures;
  • Plant for physicochemical synthesis of SHM at atmospheric pressure;
  • Installations for manufacturing of pastes and suspensions

Laboratory 14/2

  • A complex of scientific instruments for studying materials by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray analysis, and for structural research using diffraction of reflected electrons;
  • A complex of scientific instruments to study by optical and FTIR spectroscopy;
  • A complex of installations for deposition of technological and protective coatings based on carbon

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Department No 14: Research of physico-chemical processes of superhard materials synthesis and their structure
Equipment department 14
Staff of the Department No 14

V.Bakul Institute for Superhard materials NASU UKRAINE, 2, Avtozavodskaya Str., Kiev, 04074 Tel/fax (+38 044) 468-86-32; 468-86-25 -mail: