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Investment projects are ranked in order of efficacy coefficient (EC) decreasing

ECInvestment projectTotal investment (US$)Project capital returning period (months) 
79,6Creation of industrial base and organization of manufacture of diamond monocrystals 0,2 - 2 ct. for the use in electronics, nanotechnology and jeweller's art500 00036
79,4Organization of highly efficient production of different diamond micron powders grades of improved quality500 000 28
75,0Organization of the production base and the production of CBN cutting inserts210 00024
74,2Organization of the production base and the production of diamond-cemented carbide cutting tool blanks (ATI)200 00024
74,2Production of a variety of special-purpose tools for grinding and polishing glass optics130 000 24
72,8Development of the production of synthetic diamond grits of selected varieties (elite grits)250 00012
70,6Manufacturing of diamond tools on polymer and resin bonds500 00024
70,6Production of cemented carbide tread-cutting tool210 00018
68,0Manufacturing of CBN glass-ceramic composites200 00024
67,6Organization of the production base and the production of polycrystalline heat resistant synthetic diamond (PHRSD) inserts) 200 00024
65,5Organization of industrial manufacture of tools of individual protection with the use of ceramic elements130 00024
65,0Production of small-sized diamond tool using plating technology180 00036
64,9Material-saving ecologically acceptable technologies of reprocessing diamond- containing materials which involve metal recovering250 00036
64,7╬Organization of the commercial production of drilling tool elements for coal industry350 00024
64,0Development of the commercial technology of forming precision blanks of a gerotor pair of a dosing pump of steering of wheel tractors and self-propelled farm machines by a method of deep plastic straining200 00036
62,9Organization of the production base and the production of diamond tools for machining nonmetallic materials40 00024
62,8Development of the technology for production of precision balls from structural ceramics and cemented carbides700 000 36
61,7Organization of the commercial production of highly plastic cemented carbides for under heavy operating conditions 310 000 36
60,6Commercial production of precisely machined components of structural ceramics and cemented carbides150 00036
59,2Production of highly efficient stone-working tools using conventional abrasives400 00036
59,0Manufacturing of elite facing tiles from silicon containing natural stones using the optical equipment and new technology of polishing which meet world quality requirements130 000 24
58,3Production of superthing diamond cutting-off wheels79 00040
58,1Production of reclaimed tungsten alloys from lumpy waste in the amount of 25 t/year385 00024
50,7Production of articles of everyday use, articles for technical and medical purposes of zirconium dioxide (razors, knives, scissors, choppers, etc.)500 000 18
42,3Manufacture of spectacle lenses following the ecologically acceptable technology of finishing them170 00024

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