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Journal of superhard materials

Composite Superhard Material "CIBORIT", AKT, ATP

KIBORIT is a composite material with continual frame of cubic boron nitride having high hardness, thermoresistance, mechanical strength and high electroinsulating properties, which permit to use it for different technological applications. 

IS DESIGNED for semi-fine and fine machining of hard-tempered carbonic, constructional and alloyed steels, high-strength and wear-resistant cast irons, high-strength and stainless thermotreated steels as well as for rough, semi- fine and fine machining of very hard, hard-faced and cprayed coatings. 

IS PRODUCED as round plates from 7 to 30 mm in diameter and 3-8 mm hight, and as a quadrate, rhomb with the diameter of inscribed circle of 9,52, 12,7 and 15,9 mm and triangle with diameter of inscribed circle of 6,35 mm and with hight of 4,76 and 3,18 mm. Other shapes and sizes are possible. 

Example of nominal designation at ordering: Kiborit RNMN250600F (round plate solid from kiborit of 25,4 mm in diameter, 6,35 mm high, without strengthening chamfer). 

Nomenclature of articles 

RNMN300400T TNMN200412T SNMN120416T
RNMN250600T TNMN110316T SNMN120416F
RNMN120300F TNMN110316F SNMN120412T
RNMN120300T TNMN110312F SNMN120412F
RNMN090300F TNMN110312T SNMN120316T
RNMN090300T TNMN110308F SNMN120316F
RNMN070300F TNMN110308T SNMN120312T
RNMN070300T TNMN110304F SNMN120312F
  TNMN110304T SNMN090308T
CNMN090316T   SNMN090308F

Analog of kiborit is "amborite" material produced by De Beers.

Diamond Composite Thermoresistant Material (AKT), Diamond-Cemented Carbide Plates (ATP) to equip the cutting, drilling and dressing tools.

AKT is a thermoresistant composite material on diamond base. The material is manufactured from diamond powders of 40, 25 and 19 micron of particles sizes. AKT has a disk shape up to 35 mm in diameter, from which the samples according to customer´s order can be done. AKT are used to tip the drill bits, crowns, smoothers and dressing tools. 

ATP represent undetachable composition of diamond polycrystal layer with cemented carbide obtained under conditions of high pressures and temperatures. 

A distinguishing feature of ATP material from another ones is that its edge remains sharp during wearing. 

ATP has shape of disk with 8 or 13,5 mm in diameter, 3 or 3,5 mm width and diamond layer width of 0,8-3 mm. ATP can be also manufactured as segments, sguares or triangulars. Polycrystal layer is done from diamond powder of 40, 25 and 14 micron particles sizes. 

ATP with diamond particles sizes of 40 micron are used to equip the drill bits, crowns, cutters for holes drilling, saws for cutting of limestone and chopped wood plates, for cutters, for machining the articles from organical glass, hetinax, textolite, glass plastics, carbon-graphite materials, asbest and other polymer and composite materials on operations of turning, cutting, boring etc. 

ATP with diamond particles sizes 25 and 10 micron are used for semi-fine and fine machining of aluminium and aluminium alloys, having 12-22 ‰ of silicon, of copper and copper alloys and other non-forrous metals and alloys.

Main physical and technical parameters of ATP: 

  • wearing, defined by planning of limestone blocks
  • 0,1 - 0,35
  • thermoresistance, K
  • 950 -1000
  • knup hardness, GPa
  • 50
  • tension strength, GPa
  • 0,3 - 0,4
  • round bending strength, MPà
  • 800 - 850
  • tracture tooghness, Mpa/m1/2
  • 10 - 13
  • density of polycrystal layer, g/cm3
  • 3,74 - 3,77

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