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Journal of superhard materials

Polishing tools "Aquapol"
for the implementation of the process of precision polishing of glass products

Certificate of Ukraine ¹ 13366 of the trademark registration with the priority of 30 August 1999. 
Wheels (tape 6À2Ò) based on Aquapol-5 and Aquapol-7 composites.

1. Main purpose: 
Precision polishing of silica-containing glass optics to meet the highest engineering specification on the polished surface condition (laser mirror substrates, elements for laser devices, components for instrument optics, etc.). 

2. Main dimensions:

1 - abrasive layer; 2 - body

3. Characterization of the optical component surface: 
Polished by the procedure developed at the ALCON Concern, which involves the successive application of Aquapol-5 and Aquapol-7 - based tools 

Characterization of the polished surface Aquapol-5 Aquapol-7
1. Polished surface roughness Ra, nm 1,0 - 1,5 <1,0
2. P-class of optical purity of polished surface according to GOST 11141 no worse than 0-40 0-10...0-40
3. Reflected light scattering factor Kv, %, (l=632.8nm) <=0,003 <0,003

4. Polishing rate Q of wheels based on composites: 
Aquapol-5: Q=0,8-1,0 mkm/min 
Aquapol-7: Q>=0,6 mkm/min 

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