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Journal of superhard materials

Scalpels from ZrO2, facet pattern

  • decorative items made of crystal, zirconium and corundum;
  • diamond films;
  • ceramics and glass optical windows;
  • jewelry mounting.

Manual faceting manufacture provides high quality machining.

Scalpels from dioxide of zirconium ZrO2

  • sustain any repeated types of sterilization without loss of cutting ability;
  • possess increasing cutting ability and in 20-100 times larger of exploitation till re-groove in comparison with metal ones;
  • consist of univerlas handle of non-corrosive steel and spare blades from zirconium doixide;
  • delivery is possible in a collection including handle and some cutting blades, and manufacture on models, analogues and drowing of customer.

Maximum length of blades with calculation of fastening - 50mm

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Scalpels from ZrO2, facet pattern
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