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Chapter 8

The scientific and technical cooperation, informational and advertising activity

The activity of the institute has received broad international recognizing. The interest, which is exhibited by the foreign scientists and experts to scientific and technical development of the institute, is determined by its achievements.
The organization of foreign communications of the institute is realized by a special department, nowadays it is called scientific and technical cooperation with foreign countries, which was created in 1965. The patent and license department existed since 1967, Department of a scientific and technical information - since 1965. In departments worked and work now competent staff. The small group of the employees (now 5 persons) attends to organization of reception of the foreign visitors, correspondence with foreign organizations, registration of the foreign travelling documents for the employees of the institute.
Зам. Председателя Совета Министров СССР, председатель ГНТК СССР академик Г. И. Марчук,  Президент АН СССР академик А. П. Александров, Президент АН Украины академик Б. Е. Патона знакомятся  с работой института. Пояснения дают директор Н. В. Новиков и зам. директора Э. В. Рыжов (17 сентября 1989 года).
Зам. Председателя Совета Министров СССР, председатель ГНТК СССР академик Г. И. Марчук, Президент АН СССР академик А. П. Александров, Президент АН Украины академик Б. Е. Патона знакомятся с работой института. Пояснения дают директор Н. В. Новиков и зам. директора Э. В. Рыжов (17 сентября 1989 года).
The institute by its work and achievements many years was like a show-window on the forward edge of science and engineering of successful development of the Soviet industry..
To cope the experience of transfer of technologies deeper, profitable realization of scientific and technical achievements, in 70-80 in the institute were trained experts from many industries, including mechanical engineers from Russia and Czech, mechanical engineers from Bulgaria, Hungary, GDR, Yugoslavia, Romania and Poland. There were some tens of such schools conducted. They were accompanied by excursions on Kiev and some by trip to Crimea in a boarding house "Diamond".
So, for the first 30 years of existence of the Institute more than 1000 experts of various countries and more than 15 000 experts of all regions of the USSR successfully have passed preparation on application of tools from superhard materials. The exhibitions of the Institute were visited by all chiefs of republics of the Soviet Union.
Successful commercial presentation of production of the ISM in the world market - powders, tools on adhesion-active sheaf, individual manufacturing of abrasive tools - through the Swiss firm "Кундти" in Europe, drilling and rock cutting (destroying) tools from diamond-set hard metal (slavutich) etc. in Germany, France, Israel have opened from the beginning of the 80-th a door for participation of scientists from the ISM in international scientific seminars, conferences, symposiums.
With the purpose of supporting a large army of experts of diamond processing with information about results of the newest scientific researches and granting of a tribune for exchange with advanced experience in 1968 was found the research-and-production collection "Synthetic diamonds", which first issue has left to the public on February 25, 1969 with circulation of 8 thousands copies.
The main problem of the editorial board, which has headed Doctor of technical sciences V.N. Bakul, was a systematic elucidation of a very broad circle of problems devoted to synthetic diamonds. It both synthesis of diamonds, and manufacturing of powders both their classification, and production of pastes, numerous kinds and types of diamond tools, and actually boundless possibilities of application of diamonds in the most various branches of national economy.
Заседание правления Международной ассоциации по физике и технике высоких давлений  (ИСМ, 1987 год, г. Киев).
Заседание правления Международной ассоциации по физике и технике высоких давлений (ИСМ, 1987 год, г. Киев).
The research-and-production collection "Synthetic diamonds", going out with periodicity 6 issues annually till 1979 inclusively, was embodied in a strong alloy of a science and production. For 10 years of its output there were essential modifications requiring extensions of a circle of elucidated problems, more deep and fundamental solution of scientific and technical problems. It is the development of the theory of controlled synthesis with the purpose of creation of new crystalline and composite superhard materials, study of their physical mechanical properties; creation of more effective tools; gaining of proof covers and constructional elements from superhard materials; development of methods of optimization of technological processes mechanical low-waste processing of various materials both management of a condition of a surface and precision of produced items.
For systematic elucidation of these and other problems, operating supply of the experts with scientific and technical information, distribution of advanced experience was created a qualitatively new scientific - theoretical journal "Superhard materials" instead of the research-and-production collection "Synthetic diamonds". The journal "Superhard materials" publishes the articles elucidating outcomes of theoretical and experimental work in the field of synthesis of single and polycrystals of the diamond, cubic boron nitride, composites on their basis, other combinations of increased hardness and strength devoted to study of their properties and structure, development of new technological processes of production of superhard materials, creation tools from them, abrasive wear-resistant covers and constructional elements. The articles and messages of the experts of research organizations, high schools and industrial enterprises about effective utilization of superhard materials in various branches of national economy are printed also: in machine engineering, instrument making, electronics engineering, by processing of glass, ceramics, plastics, wood, in building industry, by drilling of oil and gas wells, in geological prospecting(survey) etc.
The journal informs also on international and all-Union symposiums, conferences, exhibitions; prints reviews, various bibliographic material.
The new form of work of the journal "Superhard materials" has become the publication on its pages papers of international seminars and conferences on actual problems of development of superhard materials.
It has attracted to the journal attention of foreign scientists and experts. By the scientists and experts of leading centers of science of Brazil, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, Germany, Poland, USA, France and Japan were published the newest information in the field of synthesis of diamond and other superhard materials, creation on their basis of new kinds of tools and research of processes of machining..
Now the journal "Superhard materials& is a major link of scientific and technical links with leading world centers of science. The editorial board led by the academician of the NAS of Ukraine N.V. Novikov, in which, except for the domestic scientists, are prominent scientists of the world, attracts to cooperation leading world known experts in the field of diamond synthesis and creation of superhard materials.
The research-and-production commercial and information journal "World of Tools" was founded in January 1997..
The purpose of creation of the journal - elucidation of condition, problems and perspectives of development of the tool branch in Ukraine and countries, leading in the field of tool production; results of the newest domestic and foreign scientific and technical development and their practical application; an advanced manufacturing experience, problems of preparation of technical engineering and personnel in the field of tool production, machine-tool construction and mechanical engineering, other adjacent branches.
In the journal the state-of-the-art reviews, articles about condition, problems and perspectives of development of actual directions of domestic and foreign tool production and adjacent branches are published in the field of creation and application of superhard materials, hard(firm) alloys, ceramics, composite materials on their basis, effective technologies of their manufacturing and application. The significant attention is given to problems of construction of tools, new technologies of their manufacturing, operating conditions and restoring.
As well as any scientific establishment, the V.N. Bakul Institute for Superhard Materials of NAS of Ukraine during the existence has collected a huge library.
In funds of the library the literature on problems of material science, physics and mechanics of a firm body, crystallography, theory of destruction, theory of friction, physical chemistry, synthesis of diamond and other synthetic superhard materials, theory of cutting and grinding, tool production, application of superhard materials and tool from them in different branches of national economy, powder metallurgy, diamond drilling of wells is represented.
The information supply of scientific activity of the institute is based on operation of three component of information recipience by the employees of the institute. First is a recipience of printed scientific issues through a subscription and receipt in library, second - recipience of information from accessible corporate data bases, including archives of the institute, third - access to actual information through the Global Network and scientific webs of countries of the world.
The access to the institute’s information resources from jobs of the employees is ensured with the information system, created after 1998 of the institute (IS) as a local computer web. It integrates 250 workstations 21 departments of the institute and 11 enterprises and departments which are included in "ALKON" in seven buildings. The enter to the local network of the ISM in the Global Network is carried out on the fiber-optical channel of the UANET web on a velocity up to 100 Mb/s.
In 1999 is created a www-page ISM - representation of the institute in the Global Network, as a virtual office with a mutual information, which promotes installation of scientific connections, enter on the international market of high technology products of research and technological development. The office promotes realization of marketing and advertising of the developments of the institute.
Top of the construction of the IS of the institute now is its own system of data domain "Superhard materials", which allows to realize purposeful context-sensitive search and analysis of information, effectively to use data banks of a world scientific and technical information and domestic developments in the field of mechanical technological problems for creation of new superhard materials..

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