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(1961–2011 ãã.)

  • Institute was created according to the decrees of USSR and Ukraine government on June 6, 1961 years and it was in subordination of State Planning Committee of Ukraine to develop the solutions of scientific, technical and industrial problems of the country in the area of mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, mining industry, defence industry. The industrial manufacturing of synthetic diamonds, other super hard materials and tools using these materials have been developed on the basis of high technologies research and development.
  • The founder and the first director of the Institute in 1961-1977 years was Bakul Valentin Nickolaevich. Under his leadership the necessary equipment, units and the technological processes for industrial synthesis of diamonds were developed as well as unique tools and their wide application in thousands of the enterprises of various industries has been organized. The development of industrial technology of diamond synthesis was based on the researches of the Institutes of the Physics of High Pressure (Moscow), where the first synthetic diamonds in USSR have been created in laboratories under the leadership of L.F.Vereschagin (1960). In March 1963 the memorandum between L.F.Vereschagin and V.N.Bakul was signed, in which was underlined that “… the solution of this highly important problem of nation-wide significance was the result of creative cooperation of two Institutes who have made to it the equal input …"

V.N.Bakul and a head of laboratory of synthesis of diamonds A.I. Prichna were the co-authors with L.F.Vereschagin in the first USSR author's priority certificates for the methods of synthesis of diamonds (A.C. ¹¹ 363617, 363618 with priority from 03.05.60).
A.I. Prichna, A.A.Shulzhenko, A.A.Getman, E.B. Vishnevskiy were co-authors on a method of synthesis of diamond in 1969 (A.C. ¹¹ 452166, 452167 with priority from 17.07.69),

  • Since 1977 the academician NAS of Ukraine, professor, doctor of technical sciences Novikov Nicholay Vasilievich is a head of the Institute of Superhard Materials.
  • The Institute’s structure was created as a scientific and technical complex which includes Institute itself, design bureau and experimental production plant. Today (2011 ) the territory of ALKON complex consist of 15,13 hectares, where 60 laboratories, industrial and technical buildings are situated. The artificial pond is decorated a territory, more then thousand fruit and decorative trees are grown everywhere - blue spruces, willows, magnolias, oriental cherry and many others. Every year various sorts of annual and long-term flowers have been added. The owls and a lot of other birds, squirrels are living around. All this creates a special aesthetic and ecological atmosphere, which pleases the stuff and visitors.
  • In 1961 year more then five hundred employees were working in structure of the complex: in Institute there were 176 employees (including 84 women - 47,7 %), among them there were 8 candidates of sciences, 35 employees worked in design bureau and 299 worked in experimental production plant.

The Institute increased volumes of production and number of the workers sharply. During two years (1962-1963)
340 young experts specially selected from a number of high schools of Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv, Chernovci etc. have been employed. Many competent scientific specialists were invited from various regions of the USSR (Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Nikolaev etc.). In 1963 the number of employees has reach 1988, including - 516 employees of the Institute (where 207 were women - 40 %), from them 20 employees have scientific degrees (one doctor of sciences).
The greatest number of employees was in 1988, including 989 researchers in Institute (441 women - 44, 6 %), 217 - with scientific degrees (17 Doctors and 200 candidates of sciences), in design bureau 947 employees were working and in experimental production plant there were 1945 workers.
In 2011 in institute there were 405 employees (170 women - 41,2 %), among them 205 have scientific degree: 34 doctors of sciences and 85 PhD.
From total number of complex employees 1452 people worked more than 25 years and they were awarded by honorary rank "Labour Veteran of the Institute ". About 3500 employees working more then 10 years in Scientific-Technical Complex have been awarded by honorary rank "the Personnel worker of ISM ".

  • The first industrial butch of synthetic diamonds – 2 000 carats (400 g) - has been Produced in Experimental Industrial Plant according to the technology created by Institute in October 1961. By the end of December 1961 the volume of 4400 carats (880 g) was produced (despite the plan of productivity per year was only 500 carats -100 g). By December 1962 the productivity of the Plant was razed in 30 times and 137 400 carats (27, 48 kg) has been manufactured. In December 1963 volume of synthetic diamonds was raised up to
    3061630 carats (612,322 kg).
  • Total volume of the of synthetic diamonds produced by Institute during 50-year's period was 424 million 500 thousand 698 carats (or 84,3 tons). The peak of the productivity was fixed by Experimental Industrial Plant in 1991 - 20 mil. 731 thousand 247 carat for one single year.
  • Due to research and development of industrial technology of synthetic diamonds manufacturing and wide implementation of diamond tools to the industry the Institute had obtained the Award of Labour Red Banner, 62 employees have been awarded by the high governmental awards (4- Lenin’s Awards, 9 - Labour Red Banner Awards, 18 - Sign of Honour Awards, 30 medals - "For Labour Valour " and " For Labour Achievement ". V.N.Bakul was awarded by the rank of "The Hero of a Socialist Labour" with rewarding of Gold Star and Lenin’s Award. His scientific and scientific - organizational merits have been marked by the Presidium Academy of Sciences of USSR ¹ 261 from 17.03.1967. A scientific degree of the doctor of sciences Honorius Causa and the Diploma for Special achievements in the field of synthesis of super rigid materials, hard-alloy and diamond tools were given to V.N.Bakul . By the decree of ministerial Council of Ukrainian SSR ¹ 317 from 20.10.1990 the Institute of Super hard Materials was named after V.N.Bakul.
  • The industrial brunch of synthetic diamonds manufacturing was created in 1966. It allows the USSR to take the first place in the world in production and application of synthetic diamonds. The following statistics is proving it: in the USA for the period of developing of industrial synthesis of diamonds from 1957 till 1970 (14 Years) 79,7 mil. carats (15,9 tons) have been produced; in the USSR for the period 1961-1970 (10 years) 146 mil. carats of synthetic diamonds (29,2 tons) have been obtained, including - 89,3 mil. carats (18,9 tons) in Ukraine. The synthetic diamonds and the diamond tools have been produced at eight factories of the country according to the Institute’s technologies in the volume equal to world (global) production - 600 mil carats (1200 tons) till 1990.
  • In 1981 for the first time in the world practice the new standard GOST 9206-80 " Powders diamond " for 23 classes developed by the Institute was introduced ( instead of 10 classes according to the old standard). The new standard includes a new class of sub micro powders for which the strength of grains on compression (in Newton’s) has been scientifically proved together with the Moscow institute "VNIIALMAZ".
  • The activity of the Institute was marked by a number of awards and diplomas. In 1969 the Institute has received a rank "The High Culture Enterprise", it was awarded by anniversary Lenin’s Diploma (1970 ), Honorary Diploma of Central Committee of Communist Party of Ukraine, Diploma of Presidium of the Supreme Body of USSR, Diplomas of Ministerial Council of USSR and Ukrainian Trade Union (1972). The Institute was repeatedly awarded by transient banners of an Academy of Sciences of USSR, Obolon region of Kiev city, Urban Committee of Kiev’s Trade union. The scientific and technical achievements of the Institute were awarded by eight First Degree Diplomas and 327 medals of Exhibition of achievements of a national economy of USSR till 1990. Afterwards the Institute has obtained 15 Diplomas of specialized exhibitions, the gold medals and competitions premiums for " The Best Domestic Goods of a Year ", specifically for the powders of cubic boron nitride (2005), diamond tools for machining of ceramics and glass (2006), cubic boron nitride discs for sharpening of knifes for beets cutting (2007.), the diamond tools for honing (2008), ceramic nozzles for hydro abrasive cut (2010).
  • Effective promotion and educational work was carried out by the researchers of the Institute to implement the diamond tools promoted to the industry. For the period of 1961-1975 594 training courses, seminars, schools of individual tutoring have been conducted in the Institute. 25 543 people from 10292 enterprises have took part in these seminars . Also 530 training courses have been conducted in large and small cities of former USSR and abroad. 254 610 participants from 9724 enterprises have visited these courses. The Institute’s movable exhibition was equipped in two buses "MANHOLE" and "Icarus", it was travelled 170 times to multiple cities in Ukraine and other USSR republics, and also to foreign countries - Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Finland, Sweden, Norway etc. These movable exhibition had 201 499 visitors from 3612 enterprises. The stationary exhibition have been working in the Institute since 1963. During the period 1963-1975 there were 149 455 visitors and
    for 50-year's period all in all there were 306 687 visitors
  • In 1971 the first world practice scientific international conference on application of synthetic diamonds in industry was organised by the Institute. 728 world wide known scientists and experts from 15 countries - USA, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Switzerland, all countries of the former Soviet block –took parts in the conference, 65 scientific articles have been publish as proceeds of the conference. Among the participants there were pioneers in the field of synthesis of diamonds, world known scientists: Eric Lunblud (Sweden), who have obtained the synthetic diamonds for the first time in the world, B. Bodar (France), H.P. Bowenkerk (USA), B. V. Derjagin (Moscow), G. Bonrua (Belgium) etc. During the conference the specialized exhibition was worked, on which samples of diamond tools, research gears and equipment of
    27 firms from nine foreign countries have been represented (" De Beers", Johannesburg; "Millipor", France; " Friz Wendt ", West Germany; " Welt International ", USA etc.). For the period 1967-1990 sixteen international conferences and exhibitions - seminars have been conducted, where developed countries of the world took parts, including USA, England, France, Japan, Sweden etc. The conferences collect 3386 participants, the exhibitions have been visited by
    36 277 visitors.

For years of independence of Ukraine the Institute conducts 74 Conferences with participation of foreign representatives from all over the world.

  • Beginning 1972 the Institute works in a system of a National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in accordance with the solution of USSR Council of Ministers ¹ 118 from 07.03.1972

In accordance with Academy of Sciences of Ukraine requirement a director of institute shall be elected via secret ballot. Since 1977 the professor, academician NAS of Ukraine (since 1985) Novikov Nikolay Vasilievich was elected seven times as a director of the Institute. Now he is awarded by three State premiums of Ukraine and The Sign of Honoured Worker of a Science and Techniques, he has awards from USSR, Ukraine, Bulgaria; he is an Honorary Doctor, professor of seven universities of Ukraine and China, Honorary Citizen of many cities of Ukraine and Bulgaria.

  • For the period 1961-1971 when the Institute was working in the Ukraine’s State Planning System 385 scientific and technical projects have been completed; during 1972-2010 when the Institute was working in a system NAS of Ukraine 725 researches in fundamental and applied areas of material sciences, physical-chemical and mechanics of materials have been performed and also 8253 agreements with the enterprises and organizations for special applied researches were executed.

The Institute is developing and producing high tech products in limited and industrial volumes from carats, gram, kg up to several tons: diamond tools, pair of friction, supports, hardness meters etc. using synthetic diamonds, diamond like cubic nitride of a boron, aggregates, powders, film structures, poly crystals, nitride, carbon, oxide ceramics, ets superconducting materials, structured materials, custom scientific materials and units, used in laboratories.

  • For the first time in USSR a synthesis of diamonds by explosion was performed in the Institute (A.C.¹ 869208 with priority from 17.05.1976)
  • Synthesis of large monocrystals of diamond was performed according to the patent ¹ 2 of Ukraine with priority from 26.07.1989 by the authors S.À. Ivachnenko, N. V. Novikov, I.S.Belous. The licenses for this technology and transfer of "know-how" have been sold to Southern Korea, Russia, India, China, Germany, Netherlands.
  • The technology of high-temperature sintering of a ceramic shock-resistant material Altinit which has no analogs in Europe was developed according to State requirement for armoured material to defence the transportation means and to produce military flak jacket. The gun shot from a distance of 5-10 m can not destroy this material. So 275 thousand of ceramic armoured plates have been produced for SSSR Ministry of Defence which has saved thousands of soldier’s lives in Afghanistan.
  • For the first time in USSR the technology, machine tools, systems(units) and tools for diamond precision micro machining and manufacturing of large-sized
    (up to three meters) laser metal ceramic mirrors was created. The work was ordered by USSR military complex it was implemented in military industry. The precise geometry of flat, spherical, non spherical mirrors achieved was 0,1 width of an interference ring and roughness of a surface - Ra = 0,01 microns. The Institute has possessed the record minimum roughness of a surface substrates made from sapphires Ra=0,2-0,3 nano meters and optical cleanness Ð 0-10-0-20 , whenever fixed in the publications,. The certification has been provided in Russia, USA, and Germany.
  • The technologies, tools and units for pr?cised machining of no spherical surfaces of optical lenses by the method of trajectory copying of the specific complicated forms were created in the Institute. It was accepted by Krasnogorsky Plant (Moscow) and by Leningrad optic mechanical association, also it was certified by State optical institute named after S.I. Vavilov.
  • In the 70-th years a custom two shafts unit (ÌØ-259) for diamond grinding of silicon slices with a diameter 100-150 mm as a basis of the integrated circuits plates was created in the design bureau and in the Institute for implementation of the new diamond-abrasive tool and technology. The experimental industrial plant has produced 5 first custom units which have been run at the Moscow plant of grinding units. More than 100 respective units were produced and successfully used all over the country by the factories producing the integrated circuits plates.
  • In 1986-1989 the Institute has developed a unique productive line consisted of 5 machines for cutting, grinding, polishing and finishing operations of water soluble mono crystals of cadmium telluride for night vision units. This productive line was accepted by interdepartmental commission of Ministry of Industrial units for wide industrial applications
  • All the diamond cutting factories of the country had used the new diamond cutting discs with grains of synthetic diamonds fixed by vacuum sintering with adhesive -active metal binding with weir resistance seven times exceeded common tools and it could work during 9 thousand hours with pr?cised machining treatment and high quality of a treated surface.These tools were widely exported abroad to the known diamonds production centers.
  • Twenty six new polycrystalline composite materials were created on the basis of diamond and boron cubic nitride: Slavutich, Kiborit, Ismit, Dismit, diamond-hard-alloy inserts, Kibor etc. The certificates of registration of these new materials have been obtained. The new design of drilling chisels for deep drilling of petroleum and gas slits was created. On the basis of a composite material "Slavutich" (AS ¹ 356910 with priority from 23.02.1968; the trade-mark " Slavutich " ¹ 37493 from 12.08.1968), the new drilling chisels for deep drilling of petroleum and gas slits was created, their wide implementation was organized. In 1975-1981 "Slavutich " was patented in 16-th countries all over the world (USA, England, Belgium, Iran, France, Germany, etc.), 41 patents were obtained. Co-inventors of " Slavutich " have been awarded by the Premium of Ministerial Council USSR in a 1981 (newspaper " Socindustria " from 19.04.1981).
  • In the Institute 1486 custom tools have been developed and manufactured for use in micro vessels blood surgery, reconstructive surgery, endolimphology live tissue biopsy and eyes microsurgeries, all of them were highly evaluated by top medical experts.
  • For period of 1961-2010 thousands of crowns for drilling chisels with diamonds and superhard materials were manufactured (334 800 pcs). 6 026 400 running meters of industrial wells were drilled by these tools on territory USSR, Near East, in China. The maximum velocity of drilling had reached 5 m/hour, the maximum length drilled per one crown had raised up to
    720 m.
  • The giant volume of large diameter drilling chisels equipped with super hard materials was manufactured - 34 648 drilling chisels, for industrial petroleum and gas wells. In Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan it was used for drilling of 32 213 592 m. Maximum length drilled per one crown equipped by diamond-hard-alloy inserts has reached 6200 m, the maximum velocity of drilling was 11 m/hour, maximum depth from a ground surface was reached on the Kolska well (Russia) – up to 12,8 km.
  • Volume of the materials, sold during 50 years by the scientific - technical complex of the Institute was in US dollars: 1961-1970 - 67,3 Mil.; 1971-1980 - 159,4 Mil.; 1981-1990 - 315,5 Mil. 1991-2000 - 68,2 Mil..; 2001-2010 - 21,3 Mil..
    Total amount - 648,2 Mil. USD.
  • A lot of scientific and technical problems of the state significance were solved by the Institute’s stuff with large economic profit:

– Creation of productive line for synthetic diamonds powders manufacturing in 1961-1963 was evaluated by 12 USD of profit per 1 invested USD;
– Creation of productive line for cubonit powders manufacturing in 1963-1990 was evaluated by 15 USD of profit per 1 invested USD ;
– Creation of productive line for composite material "Slavitich" manufacturing in 1967-1990 was evaluated by 15 USD of profit per 1 invested USD;
- Creation of productive line for Polycrystals "Kiborit" in 1983-85 was evaluated by 14 US dol of profit per 1 invested USD;
- Creation of productive line for diamond-hard-alloy slices in1983-1988. was evaluated by 20 USD of profit per 1 invested USD.
The full economical effect from creation of new productions of superrigid materials made by Institute for 1961-1990 was about 1 billion of roubles per 50 millions roubles of initial investments. The economical effect obtained by Scientific-Technological Complex for the implementation of new equipment and high technologies of machining with diamond in the 80-th years was evaluated about 9 mil. USD.
  • In 1995 under the new conditions of market economy on the basis of Institute a scientific - technological diamond concern NAS of Ukraine - "ALKON" - was organized. It consists of 12 state organizations. Also on the territory of Institute 94 enterprises are working on the lease conditions. The leased area is 18 530 m2 (less than 20 % of general territory), there are technological park, and innovation incubator.

The industrial enterprises of ALKON have manufactured and sold the products for the amount of 56 905,4 thousand Hrivnas (7 mil 203 thousand USD) for the period of 2006-2010, including: diamond and carbon boron nitride powders and pastes - 22 412,4 thousand carat, superhard polycrystals (diamond-hard-alloy slices, inserts for chisel tools made from Slavutich) - 140 795 pieces; hard-alloy items - 38,6 tons; diamond and hard-alloy tools (mining drilling, ruling, cutting etc.) - 127 605 pieces; items made from ceramics - 5535 Pieces.

  • Energy using in 2011 by ALKON will reach 9308 thousand KW-H,
    357 thousand cube. meters of gas, 83 cube meters of water. The general annual sum of payment for energy sources will make 8387 thousand Hrivnas The maximum consumption of energy was in 1991 and it was 10,2 times more then now.
  • The informational - analytical centre was organized in the Institute which net is united more than 200 workstations and 8 Servers. The constantly updated ISM’s web-page contains the most actual information about activity of departments and main scientific and technological results. The web-page is visited daily by 50 - 100 users
  • The intellectual property of institute consists of 115 monographies,
    90 proceeds of the conferences, 217 handbooks, methodical textbook, etc. Òhere are total volume of 4760,3 publishing sheets including such fundamental publications as "Synthetic super rigid materials "
    in three volumes, chef publisher. N.V. Novikov, 1986; "Synthesis of diamonds ", N.V. Novikov, D.V.Fedoseev, A.A.Shulzhenko, G.P.Bogatireva 1987 ; P.S. Kisliy, M.A.Kusenkova "Boron Carbide" chef publisher. N.V. Novikov, 1988; A.A.Shulzhenko, V.G.Gargin, À. À. Bochechka, V.A.Shishkin "Polycrystalline materials on the basis of diamonds " chef publisher. N.V. Novikov, 1989 ; N.V. Novikov, À.L.Maystrenko, V.N.Kulakovskiy " Destruction Resistance of Superrigid Composite Materials ", 1993; " Super hard Materials. Synthesis and Applications" in 6 volumes, chef publisher. N.V. Novikov, 2003-2007.; O.G.Lisenko, V.I Grushko, N.V.Novikov " Scanning Zond Microscopy: a method, research and surface modification by a diamond probe ", 2009; D.V.Fedoseev, N.V.Novikov, A.S.Vishnevskiy, I.G.Teremeckaya a handbook " Diamond", 1981 . The monograph " Synthesis of diamonds " and a handbook " Diamond " have been translated and published in Japan in 1989.

The amount of the documents of institute’s patent fund makes 215 thousand units, among which about 100 thousand descriptions of the patents from all countries of the world concerning main directions of activity of the Institute. There are 3100 of copyright certificates and patents of the Institute, including 350 patents obtained in 25 foreign countries: England, Belgium, USA, Russia, Italy, France, Japan, Sweden, Belarus etc.

  • The Institute had no special scientific council for awarding of scientific degrees up to 1975, that is why the dissertations were presented to other scientific organizations. For the period of 1965-1975 there were prepared 2 full doctorates and 71 PhD.
  • On December 22, 1975 by the decree of High Attestation Committee of USSR ¹ 32-Â a specialized Council for awarding of PhD degrees was authorized under the chairmanship of V.N.Bakul. In 1976-1977 there were 8 employees of the Institute who have been awarded by PhD degree, another 8 dissertations have been presented to other organizations.

On January 13, 1978 by the decree of High Attestation Committee of USSR ¹ 11-Â the specialized Council for awarding of doctoral degrees was authorized, the chairman of the Council became academician NAS of Ukraine N.V.Novikov.. For the period of 1978-2000 there were awarded 35 doctoral and 181 PhD degrees to the employees of Institute, including 20 doctoral and 107 PhD degrees awarded by the Institute’s specialized Council
Later Academician NAS of Ukraine N.V.Novikov was appointed as the chairman of Expert’s Council of High Attestation Committee of Ukraine in the area of machine building and general mechanical engineering. From February 5, 2001 the Correspondent Member of NASU V.P. Bondarenko was appointed as a Chairman of Specialized Council of the Institute by decree of High Attestation Committee of NAS Ukraine ¹ 57. For the period of 2001-2010 there were awarded 14 doctoral and 35 PhD degrees to the employees of institute, including of institute - 7 doctoral and 34 PhD degrees awarded by the Institute’s specialized Council.
For 50 years of activity of the Institute 354 employees have protected thesises, among which 51 doctoral and 303 candidate works. Outside the institute in 1965-2010 21 Doctoral and 146 candidate thesises in 62 special boards of other cities of the country, including Yakutsk, Minsk, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Leningrad, Kramatorsk, Kharkov, Tula, Tashkent, Saratov, Perm, Kuibyshevs, Tbilisi, Donetsk, Gorky etc are protected, with which the institute on stretch of all time of the activity supported and supports close creative connections.

  • The institute supports inventively connections with institutes of NAS of Ukraine, Russian academy of sciences, AS of Byelorussia, numerous foreign centers of science in Europe, USA, Japan, executes research works on foreign grants and contracts. In 2001-2010 annually was executed on average 43 contracts on creation and delivery of superhard materials and tools, including in countries of the CIS (Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Moldova) and foreign countries (USA, Japan, China, Southern Korea, Germany, India, Israel, Netherlands, Brazil etc.).
  • For 50 years of activity of the Institute 628 scientific employees, engineering employees, designers and workers were awarded with awards and medals, 47 employees are the winners of 19 State premiums of the USSR, Ukraine, Armenia, Independent Ukraine, Ministerial Council of the USSR. In total is won 78 State premiums, academic scientific premiums and honorary awards, medals, including 16 International premiums, medals, diplomas. Among awarded are 24 young scientists, two of them are awarded with the premium of the President of Ukraine accordingly for creation of highly effective cutting diamond tool (2002, Pasichny O.O.) and for development and clinical approbation of precision sapphire implants (2007 , Vozny V.V.), prestigious memorable S.M. Kurnakov medal of the Russian academy of sciences is marked Solozhenko V.L. for a cycle of works in the field of study of phase transformations of CBN in situ (1997); with Gold medal and Diploma of the Ukrainian federation of the scientists is awarded A.N. Katrusha for works in the field of synthesis of large diamond monocrystals (2006).
  • Institute and diamond concern ALKON are marked by International premiums and medals, among which are premium and prize "Gold Mercury" (1982) for export of production and international cooperation won on solution of XXII conferences "For the world and commonwealth" in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia); the award " Gold Star - Arch of Europe " (1998) for quality of production and its popularity in the world (Madrid, Spain); the award "Gold medal SPI " from the International association of assistance of national industry for achieved in 1999 production commercial outcomes (France, 2000 ); the premium "Odysseus" and prize from the "Kontenant" International academy for issued achievements in the field of high technologies (France - Russia, 2000); the Diploma, Gold medal and gold prize of the International Club of the Trade Leaders " For the best trademark ISM " (Madrid, 2010).

The Diamond Concern ALKON of NAS of Ukraine is marked by the Diploma "The Best Enterprise 2010" for reaching of advantage above the competitors and reaching of a honorary ninth place among 350 000 enterprises of Ukraine confirmed in the figures of state statistics and rating audit. The director of the Diamond Concern ALKON Novikov N.V. is marked by the Diploma "The Chief of the year 2010", directors of three enterprises of the Diamond Concern ALKON (Stokoz V.N., Dabizha E.V., Sidorko V.I.) have won Gold medals "Professional glory of Ukraine".

    • In April 2001 the Positions about the awards of the Institute for high achievements in scientific research work, effective industrial implantation of the developments, and also for skillful organization of general fruitful researches with the scientists of other collectives were affirmed by the Scientific Board. Among these awards are "Honorary Bakul medal", "Honorary Bakul reading and writing", and also Honorary diplomas of prominent scientists of the Institute (Prof. A.M. Rosenberg, Prof. M.M. Babych, Prof. E.V. Ryzhov). The Diplomas and premiums for the young scientists of the Fund of Assistance to diamond business organized by the director of the Institute, N.V. Novikov also are affirmed. For the period of 2001-2010 are awarded: by the" Bakul medal " - 33 employees, among them 11 scientists from other research institutes and foreign countries - Academician B.E. Paton (President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev), Prof. A.V. Nozhkina (DIAMOND research institute, Moscow), Prof. A.I. Grabchenko (Kharkov Politechnical Institute), Prof. G.S. Oleinik (Kiev,I.N. Francevich Institute of Material SAcience Problems of the NAS of Ukraine), Ph.D. V.I. Buzanov (Special Design Bureau"Arsenal", Kiev), Academician. I.K. Pohodnia (academician - secretary of the department of Physics problems, Kiev), H. Êîñóãè (Japan) etc., by the "Honorary Bakul reading and writing" are awarded 25 scientists., by the Honorary Diploma of the Fund of Assistance to diamond business - 16, among them are 10 young scientists, by the A.M. Rosenberg Honorary Diploma - five young scientists, by the M.M. Babych Honorary Diploma - eight, including three young scientists, by the E.V. Ryzhov Honorary Diploma - nine, including four young scientists.

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